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WE hire new teachers and are searching YOU

sphairos is not just a language school for children and teenagers – sphairos stands for a philosophy. The philosophy of mindfulness, individuality, appreciation and respect, working together, building a team and supporting each other and much more.

How about you?

You enjoy being with children and you are open to learn from them as well as they learn from you. You look at children as individual beings who need to be guided but not educated. You enjoy supporting them in a way that they can grow into who they are. Well, if that resonates with you you might have found the perfect place to live what you love.

Are you a native speaker or do speak English on a native level? And on top you love teaching and being with children and live in Munich? Then we very much are looking forward to receiving your CV under

Current job vacancies:

English instructor on a freelance base for our holiday camps in Munich from August 26th to 30th 2024 and/or September 2nd to 06th 2024

English instructor on a freelance base for our overnight holiday camp in Brannenburg from September 1st to 07th 2024

Then get in touch with us.



Seit 20 Jahren setzen Unternehmen auf das Angebot, den Service und die Qualität von sphairos. Wir freuen uns sehr über die vertrauensvolle und wunderbare Zusammen-arbeit mit unseren Partnern ... Mehr
Über uns

Über uns

Im Januar 1998 wurde die Sprachschule sphairos unter der Leitung von Katharina Winkler gegründet. Muttersprachliche Lehr-kräfte aus fünf Kontinenten ... Mehr


Der griechische Name sphairos bedeutet Gewölbe oder Kreis. Beide Begriffe stehen als Symbole für Integration. Über die Verbindung von Sprache und Kultur öffnen wir uns für andere Denk- und Verhaltensweisen ... Mehr